EFA Classes


Where Are the Beginner Classes?

At Encinitas Fencing Academy, we believe that beginners can learn best by participating with and watching advanced fencers. So, instead of isolating beginners, we encourage them to participate with advanced fencers as they learn the basics. 


Mixed and Youth Group Classes

These are our group classes for fencers ranging from brand new to collegiate-level to nationally competitive. We separate classes by age so that students that are developmentally similar can work together to improve. Topics in theses classes always work on the basics of fencing, but also include other aspects of the game that are required for success: physical fitness, strategy, coordination, learning, planning, and much more. 

Youth Classes: Ages 9-12

Mixed Age Classes: 13 and up


Open Bouting

This time is available for any members to come in and train as they'd like. Come in and hit the wall targets, practice footwork, run drills with a partner, or just hang out and fence. 


Adult Development Class

Fencing is a lifetime sport and can be started at any time! Adults bring a wealth of experience to beginning a new sport, picking up a new one, or accelerating their development to excel. We offer this class for students 18 and older to start or continue their fencing development along with older fencers. If you're a parent of a fencer, this is a great chance to learn how to keep your fencing child in line! 


Coordination Class

As one of the most physically demanding sports there is, Fencing requires more than just pure speed or strength. Here, we focus on improving the mental models of our bodies through a variety of activities to help raise our overall athleticism and free ourselves from patterns of movement. 


Competitive Practice

This is a closed practice for members that are training to compete at the local, regional, and national levels. Here, students push themselves mentally and physically to prepare for the rigors of competition. 



Beginner Rate: $175/mo

We provide semi-private instruction for all beginners by restricting class sizes. Additionally,  we provide all equipment necessary to get started in the sport, you just have to come to class! This rate is effective for the first two months, after which students will be switched to the Standard Rate. 


Standard Rate: $150/mo

This grants fencers access to all classes they are eligible for, as well as rental of equipment if needed. 


Family Rate: $100/mo for each additional family member

Families who enroll multiple students in the club are eligible for a discount. The first fencer signs up at the standard rate, and each family member afterwards may sign up for $100/month.