Allison Chan and Coach David “Lucky” Polakoski traveled to Anaheim to represent Encinitas Fencing Academy at the North American Cup event last weekend. Both performed excellently!

The second Summer Series of tournaments concluded on Saturday 9/9, in a fantastic warmup for the next day's San Diego Cup Open. 

Repeating his performance from September 2016, Encinitas Fencing Academy's Head Coach David "Lucky" Polakoski took first place in the opening tournament of the 2017-2018 season of the San Diego Cup Open series! 

The San Diego Cup is a series of tournaments held locally for Youth, Junior, and Senior fencers. Every year 6-8 events are held for each age group, and a points list is kept, with awards being given out to the points champions at the end of the season. Events are held at different clubs around the county, giving the "home team" fencers an easy chance to participate at their club and the "visiting" fencers to practice with those they normally wouldn't get to. 

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our 3rd annual Pre-Season Competitive Summer Camp with Coach Aaron Kandlik! This camp has helped many fencers develop great habits and learn new concepts, as well as have a lot of fun.
This is a week-long camp that will have fencers doing drills, playing games, and practicing fencing in order to gain skills that will help them become better fencers, better students, and better competitors. Even despite the heat wave last year, all our fencers had a great time at the camp and showed marked improvement afterwards. Not only is it a great chance to learn, it's a chance to have fun with and better know your clubmates!