Saturday the 9th marked the beginning of our Summer Series, our group of practice tournaments taking place during the down time in the fencing season. 

We had an excellent turnout, with 10 fencers showing up and all giving strong performances. Not only did we practice tournament-style fencing, but everyone also got the opportunity to practice reffing and strip coaching! 

Our next event will be on 7/23 (Saturday), though this date is subject to change due to Comic Con. We hope to more fencers and even more great fencing then!

Congratulations to Michael Sakaguchi who competed in the Y14 event at Summer Nationals!

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our Competitive Camp August 8 - August 12! 
This is a week-long camp that will have fencers doing drills, playing games, and practicing fencing in order to gain skills that will help them become better fencers, better students, and better competitors. Even despite the heat wave last year, all our fencers had a great time at the camp and showed marked improvement afterwards. Not only is it a great chance to learn, it's a chance to have fun with and better know your clubmates!

 Yesterday we were able to present Allison Chan with the perpetual trophy for the San Diego Cup Junior Women's event. After a season of concerted effort, Allison accrued enough points to stay on top of the division points list and earned the first San Diego Cup trophy for Encinitas Fencing Academy. We are extremely proud of her perseverance and are honored to have her represent our club at competitions. 

Great work Allison, and we hope we can keep this trophy here next year! 
















Summer Nationals has ended, and so has the fencing season. They days are long and hot, so let's hit the surf!