On Sunday, September 11th, Encinitas Fencers competed in the first San Diego Cup event of the season. With 33 fencers in attendance, it was a large competition, and potentially a high ranked one.


On Saturday, September 10th, we held our final Summer Series tournament, and had our second-largest turnout yet with 11 fencers showing to compete and practice. We had fencers who attended their first Summer Series event, some returning fencers, and fencers from several clubs and divisions attend. The final results were: 1st, David “Lucky” Polakoski (EFA); 2nd, Lillian Alex (NFFC); and tied for 3rd, Alex Soderberg  (TTFC) and Wyatt Clay (EFA). Congrats all!

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Beginner’s Fencing Camp from August 15th-19th at the Encinitas Fencing Academy.

During the week-long session, new students will be introduced to the basic techniques and concepts of modern Olympic Fencing, and by the end will be able to compete with their campmates in bouts.

Saturday the 9th marked the beginning of our Summer Series, our group of practice tournaments taking place during the down time in the fencing season. 

We had an excellent turnout, with 10 fencers showing up and all giving strong performances. Not only did we practice tournament-style fencing, but everyone also got the opportunity to practice reffing and strip coaching! 

Our next event will be on 7/23 (Saturday), though this date is subject to change due to Comic Con. We hope to more fencers and even more great fencing then!

Congratulations to Michael Sakaguchi who competed in the Y14 event at Summer Nationals!