Saturday the 9th marked the beginning of our Summer Series, our group of practice tournaments taking place during the down time in the fencing season. 

We had an excellent turnout, with 10 fencers showing up and all giving strong performances. Not only did we practice tournament-style fencing, but everyone also got the opportunity to practice reffing and strip coaching! 

Our next event will be on 7/23 (Saturday), though this date is subject to change due to Comic Con. We hope to more fencers and even more great fencing then!


About The Summer Series

The Summer Series of tournaments at EFA is intended to give fencers a chance to practice many different aspects of attending a tournament. Since the stakes are relatively low compared to larger, sanctioned tournaments, fencers can practice being comfortable while competing, and take that feeling into future competitions. As well, since this is a series of tournaments with a rolling points total, fencers can practice planning for events and improving specific things at their practices. Finally, it's a great chance to hang out with your fencing friends since we bring in food afterwards... Come for the fencing, stay for the grub!

Summer Series Points Standings

We are using a reverse-points system to award points to fencers who compete in the summer series. This means that each fencer receives points that are the inverse of their placement. So, if there are 20 people in the tournament, 1st place gets 20 points, 2nd place 19, 3rd place 18, etc. etc. If fewer people show up to the tournament, then fewer points are available. This means you should bring your friends so you can earn even more points! Point standings are divided between Men's and Women's, and they can be tracked at



Men's Points Standings Women's Points Standings