Saturday the 3rd saw Encinitas Fencing Academy host the fourth tournament in the San Diego Youth Cup series for Epee. Placing in each event, EFA was able to send fencers to two of the three events, with five fencers participating in the Y14 event and one fencer competing in the Y12 event.


There are many highlights from the Y14 event: Atiana and Joaquin both attended their first tournament, fencing excellently and representing their club with pride. Nisha and Eowyn each notched 3 wins in the pools, showing consistent improvement from previous tournaments. Jayden came close to matching their record with 2 wins and a close 5-4 loss.


Eowyn & Jayden tie for 3rd. Alexa Avalos in 2nd, and Susan Vargas in 1st place.

In the elimination rounds, EFA fencers definitely impressed. Joaquin, despite fencing an age group up, fought hard to win his first DE and make it into the round of 8. Jayden beat his first opponent with a commanding victory, and fenced through multiple lead changes to beat his second opponent 15-12, and make it into the semi finals. Eowyn and Nisha got byes into the second round thanks to their pool results, but had to fence each other before being able to proceed. In a hard-fought match Eowyn prevailed and also made it into the semi-finals. Jayden and Eowyn fell in the semi-finals to fencers from Baja, but tied for 3rd. Congratulations!


Later, in the Y12 competition, Joaquin represented EFA in the five-person event. In his first tournament, Joqauin competed in two events in one day, a challenge at almost any level! The tournament was small but competitive, and Joaquin had a tough go in pools, notching only a single victory. He was unshakeable in his DE, though, and outlasted his opponent to win 11-10. He fell in the semi-finals, placing 3rd in the event. Excellent showing!

Joaquin places 3rd at his first competition

We are proud of all who came and competed and grateful to our teammates who came to cheer on the younger fencers. The results of these events earn our fencers points in the San Diego Youth Cup points lists, in which our fencers are climbing.


Full results for the tournament and the SD Youth Cup points standings can be seen on