On Sunday, September 11th, Encinitas Fencers competed in the first San Diego Cup event of the season. With 33 fencers in attendance, it was a large competition, and potentially a high ranked one.


James Sakaguchi fenced well against several rivals in pools, coming away with two 4-5 defeats but landing 1-5 out of pools. Michael Sakaguchi fought hard in his pool to come out even at 3-3. Coach David “Lucky” Polakoski fenced well, but could only secure a 4-2 record. All three secured byes into the second round, but tough matches for James and Michael eliminated them in the round of 32.


With some perseverance and good matchups, David Polakoski managed to make it through to the Final match, where he beat Daniel Shiffron (TTFC) 15-9 to win the gold and renew his B rating.

All fencers received points toward the San Diego Cup for participation in the event, with David Polakoski leading the series with his victory.

Great work to all who fenced, and we look forward to seeing great things from Encinitas fencers in future competitions!


Final results can be seen below, and full results can be seen at AskFRED.net


Senior Mixed Epee:    33 Competitors, a B2 Event        
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Polakoski, David B2014  B2016 
2   Shifron, Daniel C2016   
3   Zilinskiy, Eduard A2016   
3   Riviere, Benjamin B2015   
5   Kuritz, Marc C2013   
6   Davis, Neil D2015  D2016 
7   Soderberg, Alex B2016   
8   Zhou, Alan D2016 
9   Alexander, Charles A2014   
10   Bailey, Creston A2014   
11   Lillian, Alex E2016 
12   Li, Henry E2016 
13   Wei, Zikun D2016   
14   Allbritton, Jaden  
15   Kong, Martin E2015   
16   Mun, Michael Kim D2016   
17   Cano Diosa, Rosa B2016   
18   Calderon, Diego A2016   
19   Wells, Tommy  
20   Rivetti, Isabell  
21   Sakaguchi, Michael  
22   Ng, Andrew C2013   
23   Sette, Alessandro C2016   
24   Gao, Aretha D2015   
25   Cropley, Theodore E2016   
26   Zhang, Eric  
27   Sakaguchi, James D2016   
28   Gonzales, Sarah  
29   William, Osborn  
30   Cabral, Emily A2014   
31   Zhou, Alec  
32   Venga, Luca  
33   Hu, Yingli