On Saturday, September 10th, we held our final Summer Series tournament, and had our second-largest turnout yet with 11 fencers showing to compete and practice. We had fencers who attended their first Summer Series event, some returning fencers, and fencers from several clubs and divisions attend. The final results were: 1st, David “Lucky” Polakoski (EFA); 2nd, Lillian Alex (NFFC); and tied for 3rd, Alex Soderberg  (TTFC) and Wyatt Clay (EFA). Congrats all!

Additionally, we gave out our series-ending awards to the fencers who accrued the most points throughout the series. Coach David “Lucky” Polakoski narrowly edged out rival Alex Soderberg for 1st place by 2 points overall in the Men’s standings, and Allison Chan (EFA) handily took 1st place in the Women’s standings, with Eowyn Acres (EFA) placing 2nd.

 Finally, a Red Lantern award was given to Sam Robson for his steadfast attendance at the series. In cycling, the Red Lantern jersey is awarded to the last racer to finish at the Tour De France. Due to many factors, there are myriad racers who do not finish, so finishing last is still quite an achievement. We’ve appropriated this award to recognize a fencer who puts in a consistent effort to show up to every opportunity to compete and win.

Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to continuing this new tradition next summer. Good luck to those competing in the upcoming season!

Final results from the day can be seen below. Men's Points List and Women's Points List can be seen at AskFred.net

Mixed Epee:    11 Competitors, a NR Event        
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Polakoski, David B2014   
2   Lillian, Alex  
3   Soderberg, Alex B2016   
3   Clay, Wyatt  
5   Abbott, Jade  
6   Chan, Allison D2015   
7   Robson, Sam E2015   
8   Harris, Roark  
9   Masukawa, Jayden  
10   Ahmed, Nisha  
11   Acres, Eowyn